Welcome to project EZ2DB.

project EZ2DB is an unofficial website created as an archive for the purpose of providing information, based on the EZ2 series database.
project EZ2DB provides the following information and functions.
- Songs included in EZ2 series, difficulty level and Total Notes information.
- Sorting function based on level or Total Notes.
- Additional information about the series or DLC
- TIERTABLE and score storage function

EZ2DB Update Log


1. 「HARDCORE TANO*C」 database has been applied.

2. The song below has been deleted.
-「Altered Ego」,「starflyer」
- The score of the song has also been deleted.

3. Category option has been added.
- Mostplayed: Devstream 240329 / 2nd Anniversary ALL · EC · FT

4. TIER TABLE voting results have been applied.
- 「Fortress Side Chapter」 (Result)

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